How the Depression Affected Our Culinary Landscape

Presented by Andrew Coe
Author, Culinary Historian

Come join us for an insightful discussion with the co-author of A Square Meal: A Culinary History of the Great Depression, a book which The New York Times says is an “engaging and often moving cultural history.” Andrew Coe, who wrote the book with his wife, Jane Ziegelman, will explore for us the intersection of food, politics and culture during the Great Depression, a period of seismic shifts in the country’s political and social landscape. Continue reading

Passion for Persia Showcasing a Dazzling Culinary History

Presented by Naomi Duguid
Traveler, writer, photographer, cook

Here in the west, though we may know a little about the great Persian empires of times past, we have been cut off from an appreciation of Persian culture by complicated geopolitics. And we’re not familiar with the old deep-rooted connections between the various peoples in Iran and neighboring countries. Continue reading

Punjab: India’s Breadbasket Naan and Beyond

Presented by
Anupy Singla
Author, Teacher

When Westerners think of Indian food, rice immediately comes to mind. Less understood is the deep and long history of wheat and bread in the Subcontinent, especially in north India, where wheat fields abound. The state of Punjab, better known as the bread basket of India, is one of the most fertile states in the country. Continue reading