Chicago: A Food Biography

Presented by Daniel Block and Howard Rosing


Chicago began as a frontier town on the edge of white settlement and as the product of removal of culturally rich and diverse indigenous populations. The town grew into a place of speculation with the planned building of the Illinois and Michigan canal, a boomtown, and finally a mature city of immigrants from both overseas and elsewhere in the US. Continue reading

Fire and Ice: Classic Nordic Cooking


Scandinavia is a land of extremes, where chic design meets rugged wilderness, where perpetual winter nights are succeeded by endless days of summer. The Scandinavians still live and cook according to seasonal rhythms, and many still practice hunting and foraging as natural activities in a region with some of the most pristine places on earth. Continue reading

Philippine Cuisine: A Plateful of History

Presented by
Sarahlynn Pablo, Natalia Roxas, Caitlin Preminger and Chef Rob Menor


By Caitlin Preminger
Every time someone asks us what Filipino food is, our answer is immediate and concise: it is our history on a plate. Philippine cuisine is a reflection of the various cultural influences–consensual or otherwise–that have left their mark on the island nation over the course of its history as a trading partner and occupied territory. Continue reading