‘Tis The Season for Preserving, Part 1: Artisinal Preserves

Presented by Madelaine Bullwinkel
Author, Cooking Teacher

Madelaine Bullwinkel says that” history informs everything I do,” and she will weave the history of the art of preserving, the discovery of its chemistry and the evolution of her preserving technique into her presentation. Madelaine is the author of Artisanal Preserves which provides 100 recipes for jams, jellies, marmalades, along with recipes for breads, muffins, and desserts that make practical use of readers’ newly made jams and jellies. Continue reading

A Labor of Love: Domestic Cooking as Authentic Labor in the German Democratic Republic

This presentation is from a book Alice Weinreb is currently working on: Matters of Taste, Food, War, and Germany in the Twentieth Century. This paper is based on a chapter on the way in which familial and gender roles were connected to domestic food consumption and production in Cold War divided Germany. It focuses on the ways in which German socialism negotiated the meaning of private, female cooking as something that was both productive labor and consumptive leisure. Continue reading