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Herbal Encylopedia – Dictionary & Resource Guide.

Ethnic Food Glossary

Cook’s Thesaurus – substitute ingredients

Encyclopedia of Cheese

Encyclopedia of Fruit

Epicurious Food Dictionary
Search our dictionary of more than 4,000 culinary terms, incluing metric equivalents and an herb-and-spice chart.

Epicurious Wine Dictionary
You’ll find more than 3,500 entries – from basic tasting terms to top-tier vineyards.

Food Reference Website
Facts, Trivia, Recipes, etc.

Food Timeline
A Timeline of the History of Food

French Cooking Board Forum
Share the latest recipes, techniques, ideas and trends of French Cusine in our French Cooking Forum.

Food Lover’s Encyclopedia
A CD for PC or Mac
Food Glossary

Glossary of Indian Foods

Gode Cookery
A compilation of medieval recipes.

Heritage Recipes
Dedicated to the preservation of memories and recipes.
National Hot Dog and Sausage Council.

Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive
at the University of Michigan

Linda’s Culinary Dictionary
A Dictionary and History of Cooking, Food and Beverage Terms

Nutritiously Gourmet
Glossary of Cooking Terms

Medieval and Renaissance Food
A source for many things Medieval and Renaissance.

New Mexico Food Glossary
Herb & Spice Encyclopedia

Southern Methodist University Libraries.
An article about SMU’s collection of Old Cookbooks and a link to libraries.

The Spice House

U.S. Crop Map