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  • February 21, 2017: Tea Party

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Cookbook Publishing Chicago Style Recipes for Success with Local Authors

Presented by
Doug Seibold
President and Publisher,
Agate Publishing, Inc.

You’d be amazed at how many excellent cookbooks have been published right here in the Chicago area. And while Chicago may be known as a gastronomic hub, our city is not chopped liver when it comes to local culinary luminaries getting their savory works published. Continue reading

June: National Soul Food Month

June is National Soul Food Month and this year marks the 15th annual celebration of the heritage and foodways of African Americans and peoples from the African diaspora. The yearly recognition grew out of the “Grits and Green Conferences” developed and produced by the Culinary Historians of Chicago in 2000 and 2001.

In working on the conference committee with CHC, member Charla Draper realized this was a food we needed to celebrate. In 2001 National Soul Food Month appeared for the first time in Chases’ Annual Calendar of Events. The entry in Chases’ Calendar reads:

National Soul food Month, celebrating the heritage and history of the foods and foodways of African Americans and peoples from the African diaspora. The culinary contributions of this group had an indelible impact on the American menu.

In reflecting on this addition to the food calendar fifteen years ago, Draper said “My goal is to keep soul food on the table. It is an important element in the rich culture and heritage of peoples from the African diaspora.”

When you Google the term soul food, more than 12 million entries pop-up –those include food, recipes, books, blogs, music, and films. Throughout the month join friends to enjoy good food, knowledge and more in celebration of National Soul Food Month.

Ramadan Food Rituals Suhoor: Predawn Meal Before Commencing to Fast

with Yvonne Maffei
Author and Publisher of

The Qu’ran defines the moment of daybreak, when the faithful must begin to fast during Ramadan, as when the ‘white thread of dawn becomes distinct to you from the black thread.’ We will gather 90 minutes before daybreak to experience Suhoor, a meal taken before commencing fasting at daybreak and attending prayers. Continue reading