Midwestern Food—What is it?

Presented by Abra Berens, chef, farmer, author

It is true that we are a region known for steak houses, pizzas and pot roast, but what exactly is Midwestern food? Could it also be a dinner at Alinea? Is it the German chocolate cake made by Stephanie Hart’s Brown Sugar Bakery on 75th St? Is it the melting pot that gives us Cornish pasties from Michigan’s upper peninsula, as well as the roast duck from Chef Kelly Cheng Sun Wah? Continue reading

Cacao Catharsis: Spreading Joy Through Chocolate

Presented by Ramona Thomas,
Chief Sweets Officer, My Chocolate Soul

“I love candy. Always have. Now, I get to make chocolate that other people love” says Chocolatier Ramona Thomas of My Chocolate Soul. Join us as Chef Ramona shares her journey from mathematics and education to chocolate and why starting and running an all-natural sweets business is so important to her and to the dessert industry. Continue reading

Courting Le Cordon Bleu Love, Laughter and Tears in Paris at the World’s Most Famous Cooking School

Presented by
Kathleen Flinn
Author, “The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry”
(Soon to be a movie!)

Come join us to learn about the history of the venerated Le Cordon Bleu cooking school and about one student’s personal history at this Paris culinary icon. Kathleen Flinn was a 36-year-old middle manager trapped on the corporate ladder–until her boss eliminated her job. Instead of sulking, she took the opportunity to check out of the rat race–cashing in her savings, moving to Paris, and landing a spot at THE cooking school of cooking schools. Continue reading