Haitian Djon-Djon Rice

For our event on Maggi, two recipes were prepared: one using Maggi Djon-Djon seasoning tablets and another using the dried Mushroom Djon-Djon with some Maggi Djon-Djon seasoning plus habanero chile.

This recipe was used with these substitutions: instead of lima beans or peas used pigeon peas, no chicken bouillon instead used Maggi Djon-Djon tablets and used Habanero instead of Scotch Bonnets.

One significant difference between Chicken and Djon-Djon bouillon cubes was how little salt was in the Djon-Djon cubes. While the chicken was over the top too salty.

The second recipe was Vegan Haitian Pigeon Peas and black rice. We skipped the carrot, used water instead of coconut milk and used two Maggi djon-djon cubes.

For both recipes, we adjusted liquid:rice ratio 2:1, because some recipes had too little and others too much. We went with what was reliably known to work. Especially since there was no test batch, but made it and went straight to our event.

The Maggi Djon-Djon is very stylishly wrapped in a black and gold diamond pattern suggesting a fancy candy rather than a bouillon cube. You really need to keep it away from curious people.