The American Family Farm –its history, evolution and impact on us all

Pig Roast Picnic–a feast!
and program on
“The American Family Farm”
–its history, evolution and impact on us all

Presented by:
Farmer Jon Hoek,
Manager, Animal Husbandry
Belstra Group Farms, DeMotte, Indiana

Podcast courtesy of WBEZ’s Chicago Amplfied

Please join us at the state-of-the-art Washburne Culinary Institute, which provost William Reynolds has so generously donated for today’s event. We’ll hear Jon Hoek, our visiting Indiana pig farmer (and proud of it!) whose powerpoint will take us on an American journey to answer: Where does our food come from? Why do farms have to be so big today? Who is a farmer today?

As farmer Hoek explains it, dramatic changes have taken place in farming over the last 20 years. For example, in 1987 the typical dairy herd was 80 head; today it is 550 head. and the size of pork-producing operations has risen from 1,200 to 30,000 head. Such growth has allowed U.S. family farmers to be more competitive and sustainable than ever before. We will have on hand several Indiana farm families who will help show how they meet the needs of an ever growing urban population in a sustainably responsible way.

Following the presentation, it’s picnic time! Our farm families will serve a true feast they’ve cooked specially for you with all the trimmings.

Relish tray; Side dishes and cheeses (from Fair Oaks Farms, Fair Oaks, IN);
Belstra Farm’s whole spit-roasted roast pig; Indiana Sweet Corn; Salad; Pies, Beverages
(Special thank you to Phil Wingo of who is supplying the cooker and accommodations for our visiting farmers.)

Program hosted at Washburne Culinary Institute of Kennedy King College.