An Afternoon with Jacqueline Kennedy

Official White House portrait of former U.S. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy by Mark Shaw, 1961

A Historical Portrayal by Leslie Goddard, PhD

It is 1964 and the former first lady, besieged by tourists and paparazzi, is struggling to cope with life after Camelot. Attempting to determine her next step, she reviews her life, sharing stories about her marriage, her fight for privacy amidst intense media scrutiny, her work to restore the White House, and her attempts to showcase the arts. As she gradually opens up, you will meet the private woman behind the public myth.
Leslie Goddard M.A., PhD., is an award winning actress and scholar who has been presenting history lectures and portraying famous women in history for more than 10 years. Goddard holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University, specializing in U.S. cultural history, American studies, and women’s history as well as a master’s degree in theater and in museum studies. A former museum director, she is the author of two books: Remembering Marshall Fields and Chicago’s Sweet Candy History. She currently works full time as a historical interpreter, author and public speaker.
This year we will be snug in our homes enjoying another engaging portrayal. We cannot meet for the full ride, though we can gather and be together the best way we can. No fee is being charged, though donations are welcome, they are not obligatory. It has been a memorable year for all the wrong reasons, this is offered as a relief from all our cares.
We plan a slideshow of people’s favorite hats as well as pictures from past teas, please email images to along with your name and if it can be used in the caption.
Since we all enjoy each other’s company, we will arrange for people to meet with their friends. Please let us know whom you wish to be seated and we will attempt to make this happen. During Mrs. Kennedy’s presence, we will all be together.
Those in the Chicago-area may wish to arrange carryout tea sandiwiches from High Tea with Gerri who has catered our event for years. You can find her menu to order carryout or arrange a visit to her tea room in Long Grove with your bubble.
This program is hosted by the Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance. Let us know you plan to be there by sending an email for a zoom link to 
Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 1:30 PM Central Time
Available virtually via Zoom
Any donation may be made via PayPal Giving Fund or by check to: Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance, 544 Michigan Avenue, Highland Park, IL 60035.
Donation benefits Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance’s State Fair Family Heirloom project and programs. Perhaps you may want a copy of Family Heirloom Recipes from the Illinois State Fair. We offer a signed copy for $30 delivered, which you can pay by check or via PayPal (Please include contact information, address and how you want the book signed).