BBQ History Heats Up January

Presented by Chef Bill Reynolds,
Proprietor, New Buffalo Bill’s, New Buffalo, Michigan


It may be January, but we’ll be warming you up with a program that we typically hold in July—on the bliss and history of BBQ. Why January, you ask? Because that’s when we could get our speaker, Chef Bill Reynolds, a formidable force in America’s culinary scene; Chef Bill was finally able to take a break from his BBQ emporium, New Buffalo Bill’s, that he opened last summer in the lakefront getaway of New Buffalo, Michigan.

Chef Bill will regale us with the full monty of American barbecue. He will tell us how the barbecue played a vital role in pre-revolutionary politics as early as 1758, and continues as the traditional 4th of July way to celebrate our independence since 1776. It evolved from a rowdy male dominated celebration, to politically motivated gatherings, to the more family oriented event we think of today.

Another tidbit: Chef Bill will also show us how barbecue as an American food can be traced from its Virginian roots and spread throughout the southern and gulf states before crossing into Texas to the west coast. No matter how you look at it, BBQ is a vital part of American foodways and one of the most popular of all traditional American foods. So come join us, and chow down on a rib or two while you’re enjoying some savory food for thought.

Biography: After a short retirement from the culinary arts, while he managed his family’s 10,000 acre ranch in Texas, Chef Bill Reynolds opened New Buffalo Bill’s Wood Fired Pit Barbecue restaurant in May 2015 in New Buffalo, Michigan.

Before this new venture. Chef Bill was Provost of City Colleges of Chicago’s Washburne Culinary Institute; he designed and supervised construction of Washburne’s continuing education center for culinary arts at the South Shore Cultural Center which opened in January 2005. In September of 2007, he designed and opened Washburne’s new 150,000 square foot facility in Chicago’s Englewood community as part of Mayor Daley’s reclamation project for that area.

Prior to Washburne, Chef Bill served for 25 years at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, where he was chef instructor, director and vice president of continuing education and industry services.

Saturday, January 30, 2016
10 a.m. to Noon
Kendall College, School of Culinary Arts
900 N. North Branch Street, Chicago
(Located just north of W. Chicago Ave. at N. Halsted St.)
Free Parking in lot on north side of school

Cost of the lecture program is $5, $3 for students
and no charge for CHC members and Kendall students and faculty.
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