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Louisa Chu

Podcast courtesy of WBEZ’s Chicago Amplified

What’s it like to be suddenly thrust on camera with Anthony Bourdain? Where was the eeriest location to sip pre-ban absinthe? How does the food actually taste on Iron Chef America? Louisa Chu, chef and food journalist, will answer these questions and more with first-hand reports from behind the scenes of food television. She led Bourdain on a wholesale meat market tour in the Paris episode of No Reservations on the Travel Channel. She’s a “Foodie” and producer for “Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie” on PBS. And look for her as a judge in an upcoming battle of Iron Chef America on the Food Network.

Louisa is Gourmet’s Chicago correspondent and the product review columnist for CHOW. She’s been a correspondent for “Good Food” on the NPR station KCRW since 2002. Her articles have also appeared in the Chicago Tribune. She has cooked in restaurants around the world including El Bulli, Alain Ducasse in Paris, and Alinea. She trained in both pastry and cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, but first learned to cook in her family’s Chinese-American restaurants in Chicago. Louisa lives in Chicago, Paris and on the road. She can always be found through her food blog, Movable Feast (

Program hosted at Kendall College.