Food: Gathering Around the Table + Church Supper

Join Us on Saturday, July 13, 2024 @ 1 PM Central LIVE!  Postponed to a later date to be determined. Do go if you can!

DeKalb County History Center
1730 N Main Street | Sycamore, IL 60178
Saturday, July 13, 2024 at 1 PM Central

Highly recommended:
Church Supper at Kingston United Methodist Church 121 1st St | Kingston, IL 60145
Dinner will feature chicken dinner plus pie! 

Saturday, July 13, 2024 at 5 PM Central Time
Cost: $20 including admission and supper

The food on the American table may not define exactly what we are as a nation, but the traditions surrounding our foods speak volumes about who we are. Rooted in centuries of borrowing and sharing, food traditions are staggeringly diverse and constantly evolving. The intersection of cultures in America is perhaps the most important factor in the mix that is America’s food. Continue reading

Dinner at Hyderabad Kitchen

Presented by Colleen Taylor Sen

Hyderabad Kitchen 
6242 North California Avenue | Chicago, IL 60659
Parking in the strip mall lot and on the street Get Directions
Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 6 PM Central Time

This event kicks off a series of dinners designed especially for members of the Culinary Historians of Chicago and Rogers Park West Ridge Historical Society (Historical Society) featuring the cuisines of different regions of India, including Hyderabad, Gujarat, Punjab, Kerala, Maharashtra and perhaps more. Continue reading

Examining History through Recipes: Crofton Cookbook (Manuscript cookbooks from Fort Sheridan, 1890s)


Presented by Catherine Lambrecht, and
Nicole Stocker, Museum Education Manager, Dunn Museum

Dive into the Dunn Museum’s collections to explore two 1800s Crofton family cookbooks that were used at Fort Sheridan with guest speaker Cathy Lambrecht and Museum Educator Nicole Stocker. Learn more about the Crofton family’s time at Fort Sheridan and hear about Cathy and Nicole’s experiences at testing out some of the recipes. Continue reading

Ignite The Conversation: A Exploration Into Chicago-style BBQ


We’ve all heard of the classic BBQ styles from regions like Kansas City, Memphis or Texas-style. But what about Chicago-style BBQ?

From Rib tips to Hot Links to Mild Sauce and more, Chicago Chef and Pitmaster Dominique Leach of the Black-Women-Queer-Owned and award-winning restaurant Lexington Betty’s Smokehouse, plus the 2023 winner and the current reigning “MASTER OF ‘CUE” of the Food Network’s Hit Show BBQ Brawl , is making it her mission to further define this unique style and put it on the map in 2024. And she’s calling on a few more experts to help! Continue reading