Feeding Fascism: The Politics of Women’s Food Work

Historical Cooking Show

Feeding Fascism explores how women negotiated the politics of Italy’s Fascist regime (1922-1943) in their daily lives and how they fed their families through agricultural and industrial labour. Darvin looks at women’s experiences of Fascism by examining the material world in which they lived in relation to their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Continue reading

Cooking with Priya Mani: Stone Flowers aka Lichens

Images of Stone Flowers aka Lichens by Priya Mani

Back in March, 2021, there was a talk by Priya Mani on gathered, edible lichens from the Indian subcontinent. It is hardly imaginable that a lichen scraped off tree barks in the sub-Himalayan forests is the decisive and defining ingredient of what we know and imagine as “spicy-Indian.” Knowledge and use of stone flower that was for generations hidden in regional kitchens have suddenly found a nationwide use, albeit as a secret ingredient in readymade spice blends. Continue reading

St. Chrys’ Table: Birth of a Community Cookbook

Book cover watercolor by Jonathan Boyer

Culinary Historians member Libbet Richter
will interview team members:
Jonathan Boyer, Isabel Carpenter, McLaurin Files, and Janet Russo

Birth of a Cookbook in Classic Chicago Magazine

During the first summer of COVID-19, the Women of St. Chrysostom’s (WOSC), a fellowship group at an Episcopal church on Chicago’s north side, talked about ways to connect and build community. Creating a cookbook was decided to be the ideal pursuit. Continue reading