Let’s Eat! Celebrating with Food

Postard from Raupp Museum for Let’s Eat Celebrating with Food

Debbie Fandrei, Raupp Museum
Korean Cultural Center of Chicago


Korean Army Stew

Let’s Eat! Celebrating with Food explores food, culture and history from the American and Korean viewpoints. Learn where people got their ingredients, how technology has changed food preparation, and explore how one ingredient, cabbage, can become very different dishes (sauerkraut and kimchi). We will compare how the harvest holidays of Thanksgiving and Chuseok are expressed in American and Korean culture. Continue reading

First Catch Your Gingerbread! UK Supper Clubs: What Are They?

 Sam Bilton, Food Historian and Restauranteur


Food historian and writer Sam Bilton is encouraging bakers to immerse themselves in the joy of making gingerbread.

Gingerbread is a lovely, squidgy treat which has played a part in almost everyone’s childhood. But do you know what gingerbread was made of when it first arrived on our plates? Was it flavoured with honey? Continue reading

Era of Opulence: Chinese Fine Dining

Picture postcard from the Chinese American Museum of Chicago Archives

Curator’s Tour

Those who attend will have first priority for the exhibit tour next year.
Any cancellations require one-day notice to allow someone else to attend.
No shows deprive someone else a chance, just don’t do it.
Four spots available

The Chinese American Museum of Chicago (CAMOC) kicks off a new exhibition with its ‘Era of Opulence: Chinese Fine Dining.’ In 2022, there will be an expanded exhibit ‘Chinese Cuisine in America: Stories, Struggles and Successes,’ which we will visit next year. Continue reading

The Taco Truck: How Mexican Street Food Is Transforming the American City

Robert Lemon,
Author, Geographer, Documentary Film Maker

Listen to presentation via Podcast

Icons of Mexican cultural identity and America’s melting pot ideal, taco trucks have transformed cityscapes from coast to coast. The taco truck radiates Mexican culture within non-Mexican spaces with a presence—sometimes desired, sometimes resented—that turns a public street corner into a bustling business. Continue reading