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The Cheng Family of Sun Wah BBQ

Sun Wah BBQ
Chicago, Illinois 60640

Sun Wah BBQ is having a generational shift from its founder Mr. Cheng who immigrated from China to his American born children: son Michael and daughters Kelly and Chef Laura, who trained at Kendall College.

The children have one foot in Chinese culture and one foot in American, allowing them to convey Chinese BBQ processes expertly.  They will explain traditional BBQ methods and some non-traditional variations, which sometimes were the results of errors with outstanding culinary results.  Sun Wah recently offered Peking Duck, which one guest proclaimed, “Better than the Peking Duck served in Beijing.”  Another recent project they prepared was ‘Sidewalk Chicken,’ a tribute to their Grandfathers who prepared Hakka salt baked chicken on New York’s sidewalks.  While they offer whole roasted pigs, they are also able to roast suckling pigs by hand over coals.  While Sun Wah BBQ offers traditional Chinese BBQ, they are also expanding their repertoire to BBQ not always commonly found commercially in America, such as doing turkeys for Thanksgiving and various other fowl customers bring in from hunting trips.

We will be touring their kitchens, thus comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended.  Please, no hanging sleeves, scarves, shirttails, jewelry, etc., since the kitchen will have open flames and marinade barrels.