Eating Vincent Price

Writing a book about a dinner
about a book about dinner

Presented by Christopher ‘Bull’ Garlington, writer, humorist


The Treasury of Great Recipes was Vincent Price’s labor of love to bring haute cuisine to the masses. The Treasury was published in 1965, when local author, Bull Garlington, was learning how to walk in Birmingham, AL. His pop, a union plumber, bought the book thinking he’d cook everything in it. 50 years later, Garlington is about to make good on his father’s promise with a blog, a book, and a secret underground luxury dinner.Join Bull Garlington as he talks about the influence of the Treasury on American cuisine and on his own growth as a writer—and cook. There will be picture highlights from the Eating Vincent Price dinners over the last couple of years. Showcasing two copies of the original book and a copy of the anniversary edition signed by Victoria Price.

Christopher Garlington lives in Chicago in a standard two kids, wife, dog, corner-lot American dream package. He drives a 2003 Camry, sports a considerable notebook fetish, and smokes Arturo Fuente Partaga Maduros as often as possible. Born in Birmingham, AL, Bull considers himself a storyteller of the Southern Literary tradition. He is co-author of the popular foodie compendium, The Beat Cop’s Guide to Chicago Eats.

Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 10 AM
Kendall College, School of Culinary Arts
900 North Branch Street, Chicago
(West of Halsted Street, North of Chicago Avenue)
Free Parking
Cost: $3.
Free to Kendall students and faculty with ID.

This program is hosted by the Chicago Foodways Roundtable. To reserve, please e-mail:


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