How Trader Joe’s Changed the Way America Eats

Presented by Susie Wyshak

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Discover Trader Joe’s key role in introducing fun and unusual foods into the American diet decades ago, when the company was already encouraging the non-health food store shopper to try “better for you” versions of already-popular foods. Wyshak compares items featured in a 1982 flyer  to how we eat now to show TJ’s importance in creating a nation of adventurous food lovers. This is not a “history of Trader Joe’s” but rather a fascinating snapshot of a turning point in American food history. At her interactive talk, we will be encouraged to share their own memories of TJ’s early days and  food shopping today.

Author Susie Wyshak has lived life seeking out, selling, promoting, and enjoying good food around the world. She wrote, Good Food, Great Business: How to Take Your Artisan Food Idea From Concept to Marketplace (Chronicle Books). Her self-published book, Chocolate Chip Cookie School helps kids learn critical thinking through cookies by deconstructing the history of the cookie and its ingredients, and then learning how to plan a cookie business or bake sale. Her latest book is, TJ’s Then & Now. Wyshak grew up in L.A. and now lives in Oakland, California where she consults with specialty food companies and recently did a stint as a concierge at a prominent specialty food store. She has happily shopped at more than fifty Trader Joe’s stores around the country.

If you would like to obtain a copy of Susie’s book TJ’s Then & Now, it is $15 including delivery.


December 3, 2020
7:00 to 9:00 pm Central Standard Time

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