Learn all about Indian Sweets and Snacks    

Presented by
Mr. Javant Sukhadia

2559 West Devon Avenue
(southeast corner of Devon and Rockwell)

Cost: $5 per person to the restaurant

Podcast courtesy of WBEZ’s Chicago Amplified

If you’ve been on Devon Avenue lately, you may have noticed the profusion of snack and sweet shops. South Asians love to snack, and the region has one of the world’s great street food traditions. But the sheer variety of savory and sweet dishes, reflecting different regional traditions (North Indian, Gujarati, Bengali, etc.) can be confusing.

To shed some light on this tasty culinary corner, Mr. Jayant Sukhadia, owner of Sukadia’s, will give us a tour of his shop/showroom, demonstrate how to make some popular snacks, and serve a delicious sampling of his sweet and savory wares. The Sukhadia family has been in the sweet and snack shop business for 130 years.