Lost German Chicago

Lecture and tour
with Joseph Heinen

4740 Western Avenue (south of Lawrence)
Chicago, IL

Podcast courtesy of WBEZ’s Chicago Amplified

The DANK-Haus in historic Lincoln Square presents “Lost German Chicago” in its newly created museum space. This exhibition features art, artifacts and memorabilia from Chicago’s German American community.  These items record what has been lost in the Chicago German community while archiving and preserving that which has been entrusted to DANK.  Highlights include: 30 feet of exquisite wood carvings dedicated by the Germania Club by the Oscar Mayer family, relics from the Deutsches Haus at the Columbian Exposition, Hessen Verein standards, items from dozens of restaurants including the original Red Star Inn, Schulien’s, Math Igler’s Casino, the Golden Ox, memories of St. Boniface Church, Deli Meyer, FC Hansa, the Schiller Liedertafel, Schoenhofen Brewery, Lincoln Park Turner Hall and much more.

The DANK-Haus, located in Chicago’s traditionally German Lincoln Square neighborhood, houses DANK Chicago, a chapter of the nation-wide organization German American National Congress. With a chapter membership of over 1,200, DANK Chicago represents Americans of German descent, their friends and families and the community in general. The DANK-Haus also houses DANK Schule Chicago, a German language school for both children and adults. Core programming such as Stammtisch, Jazz on the Terrace, Treffpunkt, Kino, German Cinema Now, Oktoberfest, regular Fine Art installations, literary readings, classical and traditional musical performances and Sylvester Ball on New Year’s Eve add to the rich, cultural heritage celebrated at DANK-Haus.