Presented by
The Cheng Family of Sun Xien Soy Products

Sun Wah BBQ
5041 N. Broadway (just north of Argyle)
Chicago, Illinois 60640

Podcast recording courtesy of WBEZ’s Chicago Amplified

Tofu has long been a traditional food of Asian cultured and a mystery to many.  Believed by many to be a “fountain of youth” food, it has served as a staple for many countries in the Far East for thousands of years.  For the Chinese, tofu has not only been a staple, it has also been a competition among chefs and makers to produce some of the most varied and delicious tofu creations.

Come unravel the mysteries with the Cheng family as they discuss some of the history and making of tofu.  They will also discuss the different varieties, processes, and some of the differences of creating tofu among distinct areas of China.  They will also share some of the uses for tofu and the variety of dishes they have created at their restaurant Sun Wah BBQ.