Mock Goose and Lord Woolton’s Pie: Shopping, Eating, and Cooking ‘On the Ration’ in World War II Britain

Annette Laing, 
Author, Academic, Public Historian

When war broke out in 1939, the British people, long dependent on imported foods, found themselves thrown back on their own resources. Sure, they had a little help from their American friends, much of it in the form of powdered eggs and Spam. For the most part, however, they were alone. How did Britons, and women especially, cope with food shortages, long lines at grocery stores and cooking on a busy schedule? How did the beef-loving Brits respond to being urged to go veggie? And what were war’s lasting effects on Britain’s already dubious gastronomic reputation? This is a tale of sharing and shady black-market deals, of making do and making things up.

There will be a period recipe demonstration, which  you can share in the experience if you have available:

Mock cream ingredients and equipment:
1 oz  (2 T) margarine
1 oz (2 T) of sugar
1-2 T dried milk powder
1 T fresh milk
Small-medium mixing bowl
Wooden spoon

Annette Laing is an academic and public historian, the author of The Snipesville Chronicles series of middle-grades time-travel novels, and the creator, presenter and advocate of historical thinking and what she calls Non-Boring History. Formerly a tenured professor at Georgia Southern University, Dr. Laing resigned in 2008 to turn full-time to her greatest passion, interpreting academic history and historical thinking for the broadest possible audience. Born in Scotland and raised in England, Annette is based in Atlanta, GA and Madison, WI.

Thursday April 8, 2021
7:00 pm

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