Road Trip! A Tour of the Naval Culinary School, then Dine as a Sailor

Culinary Specialist “A” School
Center for Service Support, Learning Site Great Lakes

Lt. Commander Eddie D. Lee, Officer in Charge
CSCS (SW) Robert Kroeger, SEL/Leading Culinary Specialist

Great Lakes Naval Station
Great Lakes (North Chicago), Illinois


PARKING: Guests will park in the Pass & ID Parking Lot at the Main Gate

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION:  Metra North Line – Great Lakes Station is nearby

BASE ACCESS: They will provide guests with transportation To/From the Main Gate Parking Lot to the Training Facility

Cost: $4.25 per person for lunch

Tour and lunch is limited to 20 people, please reserve.

Every Thursday, 30 students graduate from an intense 22-day course involving 11 days in the classroom, 6 days in the food lab and 5 days in the bake shop.  Most arrived never having boiled water.  They depart with skills to begin work at U.S. Navy ships throughout the world.

The daily budget for each person is $7.85.  The cost of our meal at $4.25 reflects their cost.  On each ship, there is one cook per 75 people.  Cooks are also trained as emergency medics, firemen and first responders.

This school is operational Monday through Friday from 0600 to 1500.  Our visit coincides with their operations.  In December, 2010, all military services will train their cooks at Fort Lee, Virginia.  The opportunity to visit a military culinary school in our region has a narrow window.