Show and Tell

Presented by
Members and friends

An Easy Bake Oven from your childhood and tea sets from your Mother’s, a recipe your Great Grandfather brought back from the Spanish-American war and a WWII ration coupon from your Grandmother … these are items which help us understand our history and illuminate changes in our lifestyle.

Like “Show and Tell” of elementary school days, you’re welcome to sit back and listen to your friend’s stories. If you choose to contribute, you are encouraged to retell a personal anecdote or show an artifact that evokes personal culinary memories. These can be various culinary artifacts, cookware, serving pieces or gadgets. They can also be historical information shared through picture postcards, letters, cookbooks and diaries. Together we will learn the wide ranging interests of our community members and their knowledge.

As a contributor, you can help us all understand our community’s past and become a part of our living history. So, if you think you have something you’d like to share, please call, email or just show up.

A few presenters are on board:
– Barbara Olson will discuss the story behind the food prepared for Culinary History meetings;
– Catherine Lambrecht will bring an Easter lamb cake to sample (featured recently in the Chicago Sun Times) and show off her seasonal culinary wardrobe;
– Bruce Kraig will virtually present, “Why do Christians eat ham and color eggs at Easter?”
– Aggie “The Tomato Lady” Nehmzow promises to bring two interesting objects from her collections;
– And a cast of characters, known as our friends, will cheerfully share their stories.

After the formal presentations we will have a reception to admire the various artifacts and chat with the owners.

Program hosted at Kendall College.