Sweet Home Chicago: Chocolate and Confectionery Production and Technology in the Windy City

Lecture and exhibit tour by Beth Kimmerle,
Exhibit curator and author of  Blommer: An American Chocolate Legacy,

Chocolate: the Sweet History and Candy: the Sweet History

John Crerar Library
The University of Chicago
5730 South Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL

Podcast courtesy of WBEZ’s Chicago Amplified

Wrigley’s gum, Fannie May chocolate, and Cracker Jack are just some of the confections that have been created and manufactured in Chicago, a major center of candy production in the 20th century. Drawing from items in the substantial cookery collection at the John Crerar Library, this exhibit explores the history of chocolate and confectioners in the city and the science and technology of the candy making process.

Beth Kimmerle, chocolate and candy expert and historian, has served the confectionery industry as a writer and consultant. Beth worked for Fannie May Candies before advancing her talents to Starbucks Coffee Company. She has worked on candy museums and exhibits in the U.S., Sapporo, Japan, Canada and currently, San Juan, Puerto Rico.  You may follow her on her blog ‘Candymonium’ at www.BethKimmerle.com.

She is the author of four books documenting the history of America’s confectionery industry. Her latest is titled, Blommer: An American Chocolate Legacy. Beth has made appearances on the Food Network, History Channel, National Public Radio, NBC’s The Today Show and Martha Stewart Living.