Let’s Eat! Celebrating with Food

Postard from Raupp Museum for Let’s Eat Celebrating with Food

Debbie Fandrei, Raupp Museum
Korean Cultural Center of Chicago


Korean Army Stew

Let’s Eat! Celebrating with Food explores food, culture and history from the American and Korean viewpoints. Learn where people got their ingredients, how technology has changed food preparation, and explore how one ingredient, cabbage, can become very different dishes (sauerkraut and kimchi). We will compare how the harvest holidays of Thanksgiving and Chuseok are expressed in American and Korean culture.

Let’s Eat! Is a partnership between the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago and the Raupp Museum at the Buffalo Grove Park District. Representatives from the Korean Cultural Center will be present to talk about and answer questions related to Korean culture.

This exhibit closes November 22, 2021. If you wish to go on your own, their hours of operation are Sunday: 1-4 pm, Monday – Thursday: 11 am – 4:30 pm, Closed: Friday and Saturday.

You can use this opportunity to visit Raupp’s permanent exhibits:

Main Gallery tells the story of the history of Buffalo Grove, beginning with Potawatomi life in the 1830s, continuing through early farm settlement, and arriving at the bustling suburb of today. Visitors to this exhibit can look at a Potawatomi garden, sit on the porch of an 1890s house, milk a replica dairy cow and much more.

Crossroads Gallery explores life in Buffalo Grove during the early 1900s.  Visitors can listen to a telegraph at the Train Station, try shopping at the General Store, and learn what it was like to grow flowers at the Greenhouse.

* * *

Afterwards, there are Korean restaurants in the area.

Mitsuwa Market at the intersection of Arlington Heights and Algonquin Roads in Arlington Heights is like walking in to Japan. It’s a grocery store, food court, bookstore, and small appliances catering to Japanese tastes under one roof.

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Saturday, November 13, 2021
11:00 am Central Time

Raupp Museum of Buffalo Grove, Illinois
901 Dunham Lane, Buffalo Grove, Illinois

There are 12 parking spots in the upper parking lot, and then it is totally permitted to park on the museum side of the street. Museum’s streetside doors will be unlocked, so people won’t even have to climb up the hill.

If you are likely to use public transportation to reach the Raupp Musuem, let us know if you need assistance. This museum is located in a residential neighborhood.

If you wish to alert us you are attending or have any questions, please e-mail: Culinary.Historians@gmail.com