Naomi Duguid, A Salty Talk


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Black Bean Sauce
Duck Breast and Bitter Greens with Black Bean Sauce

“Salt”, as Naomi Duguid says, “is the only food we all need.” Come join us as this award-winning writer takes a deep dive into the miracle of salt and its essential role in preserving, fermenting, and transforming food. And she will dish out a generous serving of salt history, harvesting methods and recipes as she quotes from her just-published book, The Miracle of Salt.

“In pre-modern times, access to salt in various forms depended on geography and politics: wars were fought over access,” she says. “Humans around the world have used salt as an essential tool for survival; it all gives me a sense of wonder at human creativity and inventiveness.”

BIO: A former lawyer, Naomi Duguid is a food writer, traveler, and photographer. In her work she explores daily home-cooked foods in their cultural context through stories, recipes, and photographs. Her previous books include Burma: Rivers of Flavor (2012) and Taste of Persia: Culinary Travels in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Kurdistan (2016).

She is also the co-author of six other award-winning books of food and travel. 

Wednesday, November 30th, 2022
7 p.m. Central Time

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