The Making of a Pastry Chef

The journey from childhood passion to apprenticeship  to the heights of the profession
Presented by
Eric Lanlard, Master Patissier

Podcast courtesy of WBEZ’s Chicago Amplified

 “The British used to fuss for hours over fancy designs, but when it came to the flavor, they’d say, “Oh, sponge will do.” That’s all changing now.”
– Eric Lanlard

Master Pâtissier and cake maestro, Eric Lanlard, is the owner of the chic London cake emporium, Cake Boy, and has changed the face of British baking. 

He began his fruitful career in his birthplace of Brittany, where he was voted Best Apprentice Pâttisier at Le Grand Pâtisserie.  Eric went on to study the craft of Chocolatier with Arens-Scheer in Luxembourg, and then served world dignitaries on board the French flagship Jeanne D’Arc as part of his national service.  He moved to the UK in 1989 to work with Albert and Michel Roux. He opened Cake Boy in 2007 and has a 10-part series – Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard– currently on British TV.  He is author of Glamour Cakes, Master Cakes, Home Bake, Cox Cookies & Cake, and Cake Boy. Tart It Up! is his latest book and is his first book addressing savory baking.  He is also poised to be one of the first chefs in space through Virgin’s Intergalactic program.

*Pleasant House Bakery of Chicago will make two pies made to Eric Lanlard’s recipes from Tart It Up: Sweet & Savory Tarts & Pies:  1) Pork and cider pie (page 77) and 2) Butternut squash and mushroom pie (page 67).  These must be ordered in advance at $10 each via or 1-800-838-30061-800-838-3006 by October 26.

Program hosted at Kendall College.