“What’s Your Hurry? Enjoy Our Curry! A savory tale of what curry is–and isn’t

Presented by
Anupy Singla
author and teacher

Join Indian cookbook author, Anupy Singla, for a discussion on deconstructing curry. Anupy will discuss the differences between curry powder and what South Asians term ‘curry’ — essentially any dish with a gravy. Most in the West are shocked to learn that curry powder is rarely used by South Asian cooks. Anupy will explain why, and walk you through the process of building your own amazing curried dishes. She will also talk about the evolution of Indian restaurants in the United States and other widely-held misconceptions, including that Indians eat naan (bread) on a regular basis.

Anupy will also tell us how her background influenced her culinary passion. She was born in India but came to the U.S. at three, where her family settled outside of Philadelphia. Yet every year she got back to her roots by visiting her family in Punjab. It was Anupy’s grandfather that gave her her first cooking lesson at the age of ten. A landowner from a small village, he appreciated the spicy, authentic tastes of Punjabi cuisine and insisted on passing along his love of food to his grandchildren.

Through the years, Anupy moved on to work on Capitol Hill, get her graduate degree in Japanese Studies and eventually work for Bloomberg News, WGN and CLTV in Chicago – but it wasn’t until her daughters were born that she realized her commitment to family – food – and cultural history. It’s this realization that led Anupy to quit her on-camera job to write her first cookbook: The Indian Slow Cooker: 50 Healthy, Easy, Authentic Recipes, which was published in 2010, and has become a best seller. Her newest cookbook is Vegan Indian Cooking. She has also launched her own version of the Indian spice box, which is now sold in Williams-Sonoma, and has her own spice line under the indian AS apple pie brand.
Anupy blogs at www.indianASapplepie.com.