The Original Food Pyramid

Beer, Bread and Foie Gras
Presented by
Michael Fenster, MD
Chef, Interventional Cardiologist, and Martial Artist

Podcast courtesy of WBEZ’s Chicago Amplified

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”–Hippocrates

Dr. Michael Fenster is making a house call to the Culinary Historians of Chicago.  And he’s going to ask all of us if we are healthier today. But before we’ll have a chance to answer, this physician/chef will give us the real skinny about health, ancient cuisines and their modern implications. Dr. Fenster will discuss his philosophy as outlined in his recent book, Eating Well, Living Better; A Grassroots Gourmet Guide to Good Health and Great Food. Dr. Mike will discuss the concepts of health, well-being, longevity and the fact that the maximum human life span remains essentially unchanged from ancient times–despite our many modern innovations! Drawing on research from his forthcoming literary work, Ancient Eats, Dr. Fenster will examine one of the world’s most enduring empires, Ancient Egypt. What fueled them? How could the very poster children for the carbohydrate rich diet (thought to be at the heart of America’s obesity and diabetes epidemic) fuel the Empire of the Ages? Join Dr. Mike on a historical and culinary journey into the tomb of ancient Egyptian cuisine; examine what remains and how our salvation may lie wrapped in the original food pyramid.

Dr. Mike was born with an innate love of food. He entered the professional kitchen in college, working his way up from dishwasher to executive chef, then managing an award-winning restaurant, and hosting a local TV cooking show.  He has also trained in martial arts, and not so incidentally went on to become a board-certified-time interventional cardiologist in Florida, and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at North Eastern Ohio University College of Medicine.  For information on Dr. Mike (aka “The Grassroots Gourmet”), go to or email

Program hosted at Kendall College.