Beyond the North Wind: Exploring Russia through Food

Book Cover

Presented by Darra Goldstein, PhD
Professor and award-winning author

No samples available at this virtual presentation, though feel free to try these recipes for Sour Cream Honey Cake and  Syrniki (Russian Cheese Pancakes) (Courtesy of 10 Speed Press &  Stefan Wettainen, Photographer)

We welcome you to join us as Russian scholar and award-winning culinary authority Dr. Darra Goldstein shares highlights from her latest book Beyond the North Wind: Exploring Russia through Food. Darra will take us on a journey above the Arctic Circle, to Russia’s northernmost reaches, where the extremes of climate have inspired an inventive, resilient, and earthy cuisine. Continue reading

16,000 years of Global Potato History

Presented by Raghavan Iyer
Author, Teacher

No samples available at this virtual presentation, though feel free to try these recipes:

Chocolate Sweet Potato Cake
Hasselback Potatoes with Cardamon Butter
Potato Leek Pie
Ultimate French Fries

Our speaker, Raghavan Iyer, is the author of “Smashed, Mashed, Boiled, and Baked–and Fried, Too!: A Celebration of Potatoes in 75 Irresistible Recipes.” And he’s going to have one heck of a spudworthy program for us. Here’s his tater-tot preview:

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When Potato Fields were Prisons: Unfree Farm Labor in McHenry County during World War II

Presented Samuel Klee, Ph.D. candidate
(Program in conjunction with the Highland Park Historical Society)

During World War II, some farmers in Marengo, Illinois negotiated with a large food corporation and federal agencies to make local farm fields into restricted, prison-like spaces. When the Curtiss Candy Company brought Japanese-Americans from the Tule Lake Internment Camp in California to cultivate and pick potatoes in 1943, the Marengo community struggled with the federal government and the candy company to eliminate the outsiders’ presence.

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Chicago’s evolving restaurant scene: How can the cherished small guy survive?

Presented by Master Chef Michael Lachowicz
Owner, George Trois, Aboyer, Silencieux, in Winnetka

Remember when you could get a great meal at an independently owned restaurant where the chef was often the owner, dishing out their unique culinary perspective? Well, as large restaurant groups continue to take over our dining scene, more independents are finding it difficult to compete. Continue reading

A Taste of FoodCultura, Part 2

Liz Rice presented her work comparing food choices in South Shore and Albany Park, two very different Chicago neighborhoods.

Paige Resnick exploring Chicago’s live poultry shops and the many issues associated with selecting and preparing one’s own chicken.

Presented by Students in
Foodcultura: The Art and Anthropology of Cuisine,
University of Chicago, Autumn 2019

In November we were treated to Maggi Galaxy, a presentation by Stephan Palmié, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Chicago and Antoni Miralda, Barcelona-based artist and founder of FoodCultura. The artist and anthropologist are collaborating on a Chicago-focused project exploring the intersection between food, art, and other forms of cultural exchange. 

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