Live from Rome: A Slice of Rice — Italian Style

Presented by Valentina Masotti

Our illustrious speaker, Valentina Masotti, rice sommelier, comes to us from her home in Rome, Italy, where she will serve up a cornucopia of delectable rice history, teach us about the different classifications of rice, and demonstrate how to properly prepare risotto. Here’s what’s on our rice guru’s menu:

  • What kind of rice is cultivated in Europe and in Italy.
  • What should we use for different recipes? (We’ll discover the European classification to distinguish the different types.)
  • The milling process: white rice and whole rice.
  • Round rice: from soups to dessert.
  • Sushi rice: crystalline round grain.
  • Long B grain for salads and pilaf. Not only Basmati!
  • Long A grain for risotto.
  • Black whole rice and red whole rice.
  • The international history of risotto.
  • How to prepare risotto in 4 steps.

Bio: Valentina Masotti is considered  one of Italy’s most respected food authorities, She is both a certified Rice Sommelier and Wine Sommelier, has published cookbooks on rice, and offers online classes in Italian and English.

Instagram: @rice_sommelier
e-mail: (Select English version.)


Saturday, June 10, 2023
10 a.m. Central Time
Presented Via ZOOM

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